How many books can I receive at one time?

You can only have one (1) book at a time. We are exploring some future membership upgrades that will allow members to have more than one book checked out at a time.

When can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time.

What if I have a book out and want to cancel my membership?

We hope you never want to cancel your membership. You can cancel your membership, but you will still be charged until the book is sent back and we check it out of your name. For example, if you have a book out on the 5th of the month and your card gets charged on the 10th of the month and if you cancel your membership and have it back before the 10th of the month and if you cancel your membership and have it back before the 10th then we will not charge your account. If we do not receive the book until after the 10th, then your card will be charged.

What book do we receive when we select 5 books for our read-list?

You will be sent the first book on your read-list. You can rearrange your read list as any times as you want. When we get the book you have checked out we automatically send you the next book on your list.

What if I misplace or lose the book I have checked out?

If you misplace, lose, or damage the book you will be charged a fee based on the situation. Refer to the Lost Books and Damaged Books Policy if you have any questions regarding your account.

What if the Bookie library does not have a book I am interested in?

If we don’t have a specific book you want to read, please let us know. We are constantly looking for recommendations and will continue to grow our library to better your experience with Bookie.

What if I want to buy the book I have checked out? Can I buy the book?

We do not have the function for you to purchase the book you have checked out. We will do our research and add a function in the future. For now, we do not have that option.

What if I never receive the book I ordered?

If you never received the book you selected to receive email us at support@bookiebookz.com. We will look into it and get you taken care of.

I have friends who are authors and I want to recommend their book

Send us an email! We are looking for people to collaborate with. We look for relationships that can better the experience for our members.

Can Bookie send books Internationally?

Unfortunately we only ship in the US, for now. As we grow as a company, international memberships is definitely something we want to incorporate. Once we do allow international memberships we will announce the update.