[VIDEO] Daily Disciplines | Success Diaries Episode 1

Welcome to the first EVER episode of The Success Diaries. TSD is a video series that will cover an array of topics regarding productivity, business, and any other tips that may provide you value.

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What’s up guys, Alex here I’m the CEO and Founder of Bookie Bookz and were going to be doing these videos periodically and hopefully they bring you guys some sort of value. That is the entire goal –right? So, in this episode were going to be talking about a productivity hack that I use in my life and I’ve been using for years and I’ve seen tremendous value and a tremendous outcome based on this one thing. It’s called daily disciplines. They are these simple usually the very mundane tasks you do ever single day that build on each other and one day create an end result or help you get to an end result. And the idea behind it is If you don’t do anything else that day so you were completely unproductive you didn’t get anything accomplished but as long as you did your daily disciplines your 3 to 5 tasks that are designed to get you where you want to be you’re going to get their eventually and it was technically a successful day. Let’s say Susie wants to lose 10 pounds, so what we would do is that her daily disciplines would be geared to achieve that outcome, right? SO they would sticking to her diet, or staying hydrated, or working out and staying hydrated, Those are four things she would focus on every single day and as long as she got those things done she is way on her way to achieve her goal and it is inevitable for her not to receive her goal. So, me bing an entrepreneur learning and honing in on your craft and getting better is an essential part of what being an entrepreneur is. For me would be reading 1—2- pages a day out of a book, listening a book, listening to audiobooks, working out everyday because staying fit is important to me. As long as I read my book, studied a podcast, maybe listened to an audio book, going to the, right? I know these are not exactly, but doing those things I am doing better. Regardless of anything else. Jeff Olson wrote a book called Slight Edge and this piggy backs exactly off of this book where he talks about doing those mundane tasks every single day and over time you are giving yourself the slight edge. The funny thing is he talks about an example in the book and he talks about a plane and lets say a plane is flying from La to New York and if the nose of the plane moved 1 degree each direction by the end of the flight they would land hundred of miles apart. And I want you to think of your success that way and your life that way. That 1 percent which is your daily disciplines or that 1 percent of reading is what is really going to set you apart. Years down the road you know maybe no one will notice it but you will slowly see a slight incline and you’re going to see that 1 percent over time is going to be huge. So keep that in mind and I want you guys to sit down and write down a could things you are going to stick to every single day and the idea is to create these disciplines that lead into habits. This is a habit-forming exercise. Figure what you want to and figure what you want to accomplish. Reverse engineers that and finds the things you need to do every day. Don’t do ten things – keep it simple. Three to five things that you need to do every single day. IT can be completely personal – they are completely personal and just do that. Try it out. Do it for a week straight then do it for two weeks straight and you will see your life change you’re going to see yourself notice yourself acting differently about them you’re going to notice yourself wanting to do them and finding time to complete your tasks. That will be it for this video. Daily disciplines freaking rock 1 percent. 1 percent change over time, right- will make the world of difference. So keep grinding y’all chat soon.